Are you in desperate need of a vacay but don’t have that many days available to take off work? Well a trip to Mont Tremblant might just be what you need.

A few months ago my friend was searching for a mini getaway to a place not too far but not too close to home. A trip that  entails only a a few days but is sufficient to take your mind of work and/or any other obligations you have. And of course within a reasonable budget

She came across a sweet deal on It was a 2 night mont tremblant escape for up to 4 people for only $199. How awesome does that sound. I unfortunately was not able to go last minute but a few of my friends did and they said it was a great trip.

You are provided with a 1 bedroom condo suite on a beautiful 200 acre Mont Tremblant property. The suite has all your essential needs and there is an ocean pavilion that you can enjoy steam bath, pool or spas. I sure did miss out but I have my eyes open for the deal to pop up again. I suggest you should too!

My friend didn’t end up taking pictures of the condo, however enjoy below some pictures of the surrounding scenery.

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I have been learning and performing the Indian Classical dance Bharathanatyam for the past 16 years. The door to Bharathanatyam was opened with the encouragement of my family. The guiding light of my Guru Smt Vanitha Kugenthiran increased my interest to learn further about the divine art.

Throughout the years, especially in university, I was exposed to many different genres of dance including Hip-Hop, Bollywood, Bhangra, Contemporary and so forth. All of which are beautiful dance styles.

Those who are enthusiasts of dance are familiar with an abundance of dance styles including various Indian classical dances. However those who enjoy watching dance but are not necessarily involved in the fine arts community, I feel are only aware of the main stream dance styles but not really cultural dances that many people practice. I still have yet to discover many cultural dance styles that exist.

Since I perform Bharathanatyam, I thought I would introduce those who are not familiar with the dance style the fundamentals of the fine art.

To maintain simplicity, the word Bharathanatyam derives from three distinct terms Bhava (expression), Raga (music) and Thala (rhythm). Three essential areas along with Natya (dance) outline the basic needs to successfully express Bharathanatyam. Hinduism can be given similar priority when it comes to Bharathanatyam considering many of the original dance pieces portray the story of Hindu gods and goddesses. Bharathanatyam is a style of grace, purity and tenderness.

Following is a short video of a dance performance. It is called Thillana which is usually the last dance piece performed at a Bharathnatyam recital.




Now that summer is well underway dining out happens much more frequently. With my love for food and the summer weather, any chance I get to try new food I take it. As you are all probably aware, food is a major theme in my blog. Almost every time I go out with friends or family, we make it a point to include food into our plan. In this post I would like to share a few places I have been to in the past couple of months that serve great food. Some were first-time visits and others are places I’ve been to many times. This list will be useful in case you are stuck on deciding where to eat or what to choose from on the menu at any of the following restaurants.

WOW Wings

WOW Wings

Franchesca Bakery

Franchesca Bakery

Rex's Den @ UTSC

Rex’s Den @ UTSC

Mac n' Cheez!

Mac n’ Cheez!



Villa Madina

Villa Madina


Don’t forget to look out for Summer Food List – Part Two, which will be released quite shortly.

If you love donuts then it is a must for you to try to the original gourmet donuts baked and served at Jelly Modern Doughnuts! With a variety selection to choose from, it won’t let your sweet tooth craving down. If you enjoy donuts from your local cafes and franchise restaurants, this will bring your love for donuts to a new level. I could continue raving about this store, but you’re just going to have to taste it for yourself. Comment below and let me know what you think about these delicious delights.

IMG-20140802-WA0010 IMG-20140802-WA0012 IMG-20140802-WA0014

It’s a Wings Kind of Night!

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Wings are the best go-to food for me. Anytime I’m stuck on what to choose to eat when I am at a restaurant I usually choose wings. However there are only a few places that I can say have really good wings. One place that I have to recommend to you is All Star Wings. There are many locations around Ontario. There are way over 100 different flavours to choose from at this restaurant.  I have only tried less than a dozen different flavours but so far I have not been disappointed. They offer a range in spice from “No Heat – Max. age – 2 yrs old” to “E.L.E. – (Extinction Level Event) Warning!!! This is not A Drill! or a joke. Heat rating is in the millions of Scoville units” I love my spice but I have yet to attempt any of the extreme choices.

If you have never been and are considering going, following are a few flavours I recommend.

The Last Samurai

Nero’s Epilogue


Think I’m going to get me some wings tonight!

A few months ago, I was invited to a “pamper party” by a friend of mine who was promoting various product lines from a company called Arbonne. I didn’t know much about the brand but I was more than happy to partake in a relaxing afternoon with tasty treats and a spa experience.

While mingling with the other guests we were given the opportunity to try many of the different products. The company sells items in skin care, cosmetics, nutrition, fragrance and much more.

With  my impulse behaviour to shop, I bought many of the products which I immediately fell in love with. Months down the road, I am still using most of the products I purchased including the Arbonne protein mix which I wrote about in a previous post.

From the many products I bought, I thought I’d recommend a few must-haves from Arbonne.


Mascara                                                                                        Bronzer

20140727_232813 20140727_232910 20140727_233012 20140727_233113

Make-up Brushes                                                                          Sea Salt Scrub

Like what you see? Visit the Arbonne website or comment below to get more details!

Recently, I hit the halfway point of my #100happydays challenge! Time seems to have just flew by. I think I’m starting to get the hang of it . I find, remembering to take the picture or sending it in comes more naturally now then it did before. And I love looking back at the pictures. Take a look below to see a few of the pictures I took for days between 25 and 50!


Day 26 - Flowers Galore

Day 26 – Flowers Galore

Day 27 - Naked Burrito

Day 27 – Naked Burrito

Day 28 - Uni Love

Day 28 – Uni Love

Day 29 - Beauty

Day 29 – Beauty

Day 34 - Sky After A Storm

Day 34 – Sky After A Storm

Day 37 - Comfort Food

Day 37 – Comfort Food

Day 40 - Quotes That Make You Smile

Day 40 – Quotes That Make You Smile

Day 44 - Cottage

Day 44 – Cottage

Day 47 - Bonfire

Day 47 – Bonfire

Day 48 - Tex Mex Fries

Day 48 – Tex Mex Fries


Comment below and share your experience so far with the #100happydays challenge!